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Rocket Mini Blaster 3 Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: Rocket
Rocket Model: Mini Blaster 3
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads I purchased the first of these heads several years ago (early 90's or so)from Cabella's. Not exactly sure how much the were then.

Things I like about the Rocket Mini Blaster 3 Broadheads: I love the fact that they fly exactly to the same point of impact as my practice tips (very accurate). They are also very durable as I have taken as many as 8 whitetails with the same head, only replacing it when it became burried in a tree log after a passthrough. On several occasions, I didn't even have to replace the "O" ring. I also like the incredible blood trails left behind on every hit!! I've shot more than 20 whitetails with these heads and all but 1 have been a complete passthrough. This head has a 1 3/4" cut that really leaves a mark!!!! I've tested several other heads over the years and have not found anything better (some about as good but, NOTHING BETTER). I've shot the Miniblaster 3 exclusively now for more than 8 years and they have never let me down... not once!!!!!!!!

What I don't like about the Rocket Mini Blaster 3: Finding replacable blades isn't hard but, getting replacment alignment washers, and tips can be tricky...

Broadheads Mini Blaster 3 quality: These heads are tough and the design is simple and in my opinion, flawless... The quality of this product is very good!!

Mini Blaster 3 summary: Bottom line is these heads work and have never let me down. NO conventional head ever left a blood trail like the Mini Blaster 3 does on such a consistent basis...shot after shot.

Rating for this Rocket product: 5

Author of this review on Rocket Broadheads: Steve Eisenbath

Date: 2005-09-30

Usefulness Rating: 4.88 out of 5.
50 reader(s) voted.

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