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American Broadhead Company Sonic 100 grn Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: American Broadhead Company
American Broadhead Company Model: Sonic 100 grn
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: Broadheads I bought these at a local Archery shop, six for 39.99. I bought them to replace the 100 grn Innerloc heads that I couldn't get to fly for anything. Frustrated I went to the local pro shop looking for a solution. The owner had just received the sonic heads and gave me a demo head to try out.

Things I like about the American Broadhead Company Sonic 100 grn Broadheads: The company states that these heads fly like field points and they do! They grouped exactly where my field tips did. They are also the only cut on contact broadhead with replaceable blades.

What I don't like about the American Broadhead Company Sonic 100 grn: No dislikes at all.

Broadheads Sonic 100 grn quality: High quality steel blades that will shave hair out of the package. Special beveled retainer ring forces blade points together at the tip of the ferrule forming solid almost one piece design.

Sonic 100 grn summary: High quality materials, state of the art design, and excellent flight characteristics. Some may think 7/8" cutting diameter is a bit small but not even a 10" broadhead can kill what it doesn't hit.

Rating for this American Broadhead Company product: 5

Author of this review on American Broadhead Company Broadheads: RayD8898

Date: 2005-10-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.97835 out of 5.
1016 reader(s) voted.

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