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ThunderHead 100g Fixed Broadheads

Broadheads Manufacturer: ThunderHead
ThunderHead Model: 100g Fixed
Review Category: Broadheads

Purchase: I purchased these broadheads from an archery shop when I bought my first bow in 2003 and have been using them ever since. I paid $32.00 plus tax for (6).

Things I like about the ThunderHead 100g Fixed : They look awesome with the chiseled point as though they would do damage. Consistent with the flight even though off. So I guess that is good because you know what to expect.

What I don't like about the ThunderHead 100g Fixed : Shot at (5) deer last season and the current one so far and had only (1) pass through. The penetration is questionable.

100g Fixed quality: Seem to be built good and good quality

100g Fixed summary: Overall not a bad broadhead. They consistently fly 2-3 inches to the left when comparing with field points using my Hoyt MT Sport bow. I have decided to try Steel Force 100g SaberTooth broadheads and see if they are more accurate and hopefully more penetration.

Rating for this ThunderHead product: 3

Author of this review on ThunderHead Broadheads: Ditomja

Date: 2005-10-25

Usefulness Rating: 1.11111 out of 5.
36 reader(s) voted.

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