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Sierra Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series Hunting Gear Misc

Hunting Gear Misc Manufacturer: Sierra
Sierra Model: Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series
Review Category: Hunting Gear Misc

Purchase: Hunting Gear Misc My husband bought this from a friend of his, and he would not tell me how much he paid, so I assume it was expensive.

Things I like about the Sierra Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series Hunting Gear Misc: EVERYTHING! I didn't realize how valuable this unit was until our home was robbed while we were asleep.

What I don't like about the Sierra Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series: I have to say that there is nothing that I dislike about this safe.

Hunting Gear Misc Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series quality: I got this information from a website: UL Listed burglary resistant TL-15 (RE6528) and TL-30 (RF6528). Fire endurance: tested at an independent facility in a gas furnace at temperatures up to 1850 F, for a period of 2 hours. Interior temperature did not exceed 350 F. Massive 3 " body and 5 " door Group IIM lock protected by a drill resistant hardplate. Spy proof key locking dial provided on LS & LG models. Front read key locking dials provided on LT model. 10 1" diameter chrome plated locking bolts.

Sierra TL 15 / 30 Series summary: My family was asleep after returning from vacation. This safe is located in our basement gameroom. I was always afraid that my husband kept his guns and hunting rifles in the closets and our son was becoming curious (he was 2 at the time.) I talked my husband into getting a safe or cabinet and he purchased this one. Not until we woke the next morning did we find that our basement window was broken and our computer was gone. There were marks on this safe as if someone had attempted to break into it, with no success. If they had been able to get in, I am afraid of what would have happened.

Rating for this Sierra product: 5

Author of this review on Sierra Hunting Gear Misc: Julie, Madison, WI

Date: 2003-08-26

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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