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TrailTimer EZ 2500 Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras Manufacturer: TrailTimer
TrailTimer Model: EZ 2500
Review Category: Trail Cameras

Purchase: I bought the trail camera on Ebay brand new for about $110 to take pictures of white-tail deer.

Things I like about the TrailTimer EZ 2500: I haven't seen anything about this camera that I have liked' but the trailtimer e-mails come usually come next day.

What I don't like about the TrailTimer EZ 2500: The camera would not work properly. The film would not go back into it's film canister once all pictures were taken. Slid the switch and it would not do anything.I wasted two rolls of film. They should have put a switch on the outside of it because when you open it, it will take a picture.

EZ 2500 quality: It is mainly plastic and has held up good in the outdoors, to bad I don't have any pictures of any deer.

EZ 2500 summary: My thought is that I would rather waste my money on a digital camera than on a 35mm piece of junk. I will never ever buy any Trailtimer product again.

Rating for this TrailTimer product: 1

Author of this review on TrailTimer Trail Cameras: mt

Date: 2005-11-06

Usefulness Rating: 2 out of 5.
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