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Stealth Cam DIGRC-X Trail Cameras (t-z)

Trail Cameras (t-z) Manufacturer: Stealth Cam
Stealth Cam Model: DIGRC-X
Review Category: Trail Cameras (t-z)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (t-z) Purchased on Ebay for $275. Also purchase a protective cover that locks and AC adapter that allows you to connect external battery.

Things I like about the Stealth Cam DIGRC-X Trail Cameras (t-z): This camera is very easy to mount as it has a peg that screws into the tree. This method makes it much easier to aim the camera too. This is about the only positive thing with this camera.

What I don't like about the Stealth Cam DIGRC-X: The camera uses 6 AA batteries. I purchased Energizer rechargables because I couldn't replace batteries fast enough. It drains 'em fast. Slow trigger speed...takes nearly 10 seconds to shoot a picture after motion is detected. Everytime I checked the camera it would have a few good quality pictures and numerous blank pictures as the flash would not activate on a consistent basis. I then went to an external battery source thinking it might be the wasn't. I got the same results. Called the manufacturer and initially they wouldn't swap the camera for me, since it was purchased on Ebay. I convinced them to do otherwise. This is the second camera they sent me as the first one didn't keep the accurate date and time and yes, the first one gave me blank pictures too. Waiting to get the 3rd camera back and it's going on Ebay right away. I'm going to purchase the Moultrie Game Watcher 100 for $100 at Walmart. My father-in-law has one and it seems to work great for him for the money.

Trail Cameras (t-z) DIGRC-X quality: The construction seems well overall. Does a good job at handling the conditions although the batteries drain faster in colder weather, which is to be expected.

DIGRC-X summary: Very disappointing. The pictures I got were great pictures but the camera was too inconsistent and undependable.

Rating for this Stealth Cam product: 2

Author of this review on Stealth Cam Trail Cameras (t-z): Bucknut

Date: 2005-11-12

Usefulness Rating: 3.4375 out of 5.
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