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TreeLounge Bow Stand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: TreeLounge
TreeLounge Model: Bow Stand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Heard about the Tree Lounge from a friend. Got the video and liked what I saw. Bought it direct from Tree Lounge 3 years ago and paid about $300 not counting the addition of the "recalled" leveler, backpack cushions and oversized knobs, you will need them.

Things I like about the TreeLounge Bow Stand Tree Stands: No doubt this is the most comfortable stand I have ever hunted out of. You can stay on stand all day long and not get fatigued. Once in position and properly secured to tree and in a sitting position it is virtually impossible to fall out of. I have fallen asleep on several occasions and felt very safe.

What I don't like about the TreeLounge Bow Stand: The stand is costly, heavy and some what of a challenge to get on the tree. When hunting with my buddies they are usually half way up the tree with their climbers by the time I start climbing. I can climb down at the same pace, but they will have theirs off the tree and on their back before I can get mine off the tree. The bow hunting adapter is small, can be noisy, bounces a little and unless you have the shooting rail it may leave you with an uneasy feeling. I feel the company gives the consumer a false sense of security when boosting about the safety of the stand too. You need to be caution when climbing! Although the reverse ďVĒ is a big selling point for the company it is also what, I feel, makes it some what dangerous when climbing. (see comments below). The company, in my experiences, falls way short when it comes to customer service and addressing the consumers concerns. Would not mind the cost and weight of the stand if it were safer and the company would stand behind itís product. I sent the company sever letters expressing my safety concerns and never received a reply. Not even to say thanks for my feed back.

Tree Stands Bow Stand quality: Very well built, solid construction. A lot of time and thought went into this product to insure the hunter is as comfortable as can be.

Bow Stand summary: After 3 years of use I am now looking for a new stand. Although very comfortable Iím looking for something that is lighter, easier to hang on the tree and safer to climb. When ever possible I would leave the stand on the same tree during the season. Lugging it around and putting it on and taking it off of the tree was a task. Not to mention it can be dangerous when climbing and descending a tree. I have used several climbing stands over the years and this one is the closes to the ďWidow MakerĒ when it comes to climbing and descending a tree. If you ever used the old Baker stands you know what Iím talking about. The companyís video brags about how the stand can hold on to almost any surface and be safe. That may be so but not when climbing, trust me I found out the hard way. I was climbing a tree in a safe manner when it broke free from the tree at about 15í. This was after I had been using the stand for sever months. It was at that time I found out how tough the stand was. I donít recommend testing for yourself. Take my word for it. The foot climber only bent a little. I have since replaced the foot climber. Now, the company may not be totally at fault, had I been using the cable they give you to connect to the tree while climbing I may have only fell a foot or so. Despite the fact it tends to get in the way from time to time Iím sure to use the cable now. I have only had it let loose one other time since, that was just this season. Lucky for me I was using the cable this time. Well enough is enough. My safety is far more important than the comfort. Although the cable did itís job I donít need a stand that is going to keep me guessing as to when it is going to let go! I rate the stand as a 2. It could be a five if it were safer, quiter, and lighter. I don't care who may rate it as the safest tree stand. Any body can make the numbers dance if you know how. My experiences tell me it's not the safest.

Rating for this TreeLounge product: 2

Author of this review on TreeLounge Tree Stands: John Wittman

Date: 2005-12-01

Usefulness Rating: 3.25 out of 5.
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