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Thompson Center Arms Encore 209X50 Magnum blued/walnut Black Powder

Black Powder Manufacturer: Thompson Center Arms
Thompson Center Arms Model: Encore 209X50 Magnum blued/walnut
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I live in northern Wisconsin. I hunt public land,and during regular gun deer season the woods is packed with hunters. I decided to extend my season an extra ten days (muzzle loader season) so I could have another chance for at bagging a big buck after the majority of the hunters went home. Anyway I did some research on the web, read different reviews, even asked fellow hunters. I found out there's alot of good muzzle loaders out there, but I really liked what I read and the way the encore felt in my hand and on my shoulder. It is on the heavier side with the walnut stock and forearm, but you can really hold it steady. I went to my local sporting good store and purchased one for $549+ tax. This may be hard to justify if you just want a functional in-line muzzle loader. When I purchase a gun I look for quality, something that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to the next generation.(thompson center has a lifetime warranty for the original purchaser)

Things I like about the Thompson Center Arms Encore 209X50 Magnum blued/walnut Black Powder: I like the way the gun feels at the shoulder. I can shoot off hand and hit consistantly at 100 yards.( I use 100 grains of triple 7 pellets,and 245 grain power belts) The break action makes installing and removing the primer a breeze even with a scope. It also helps when cleaning, especially when you purchase the optional e-z tip extractor. This allow you to take the breech plug out without breaking the gun down. I've shot this gun in all different types of weather conditions and it never failed. I like the gun so much I plan on purchasing another rifle barrel and leaving my BAR at home. I may have to think that over, but it's a great gun that I love to shoot.

What I don't like about the Thompson Center Arms Encore 209X50 Magnum blued/walnut: I didn't like the marks on the barrel from where it breaks open, but that's just cosmetic. If you shoot it alot I would recommend the E-Z tip extractor for easier on site cleaning.(for around $15) With 2-50 grain pellets and a 245 grain power belt there was only a quarter to a half inch of ram rod sticking out when charge was pushed down, but that's probably do to barrel design.

Black Powder Encore 209X50 Magnum blued/walnut quality: The gun is put together nicely. It also breaks down easily. The walnut stock and blued finish looks nice. Nice fiber optic sights. Breaks open with a pull on the trigger guard. Comes ready for a gun sling. Barrel is pre-drilled for scope mount.

Encore 209X50 Magnum blued/walnut summary: I would highly recommend this gun if you're looking for a quality gun,and it won't limit you to one season.

Rating for this Thompson Center Arms product: 5

Author of this review on Thompson Center Arms Black Powder: Jamie

Date: 2005-12-11

Usefulness Rating: 4.45455 out of 5.
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