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easton axis st Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: easton
easton Model: axis st
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows browns sporting goods in goodrich, mi i paid $89.00 for 1 dozen

Things I like about the easton axis st Arrows: these arrows are a carbon arrow that have a slim diameter aiding in penetration, wind drift and, overall speed. the inserts are hidden within the arrow shaft so that your broadhead or field point fits against the shaft tightly which makes the arrow spin more true. these arrows are extremely hard to break and if they do break they its very clean without splinters, this is much safer than an arrow that will hairline crack length wise and could cause injury

What I don't like about the easton axis st: their isn't much bad about these arrows i can say . i guess the worst thing would be that its hard to find the 300 spine (they come in 300, 340 and, 400)but 300 is not for the majority of hunters anyway (82lbs plus draw weight). oh dont try to snap one in your hands it feels like whacking a flag pole with an aluminium baseball bat.

Arrows axis st quality: glass smooth carbon fiber shaft, comes in black or mossy oak obsesion, slim tech design smaller diameter shaft, special slimline knock, hidden insert technology insert is completely inside the arrow shaft, extremely good weight tolerances for a hunting arrow.

axis st summary: these are the strongest hunting arrows i have ever used. I shoot 92lbs at a 30 inch draw and have no problems with durability. these arrows are the only thing on the market that i am 100% loyal to. i would recomend this product to any hunter that demands accuracy, strength , speed, and kenetic energy.

Rating for this easton product: 5

Author of this review on easton Arrows: MITCH NOWACKI

Date: 2005-12-13

Usefulness Rating: 3.38141 out of 5.
312 reader(s) voted.

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