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Stealth Cam MC2-GWM Trail Cameras

Trail Cameras Manufacturer: Stealth Cam
Stealth Cam Model: MC2-GWM
Review Category: Trail Cameras

Purchase: Purchased two units from Wal-Mart for less than $50.00 each. Does not include 35 mm film. My intent was to pace them in a small hunting area less than 75 acres to capture what was hitting the two feeders.

Things I like about the Stealth Cam MC2-GWM: Ease of use and mounting at a very economical price. Did not want to spend more than $75.00.

What I don't like about the Stealth Cam MC2-GWM: The unit itslef seems to be easy to work if you follow the instructions to a tee. In my opinion they could be a little more detailed with some addtional trouble shooting tips. The unit will not rewind as it should unless the batteries are just a few days old after that the rewind is slow and sometimes does not work at all. When installing the film the tracker that advances the film has to be manually held down by hand to insure that it advances each time it takes a picture. Battery life could last a bit longer than the 21 days the manufacture states.

MC2-GWM quality: The unit seems to be made soundly for the price of the unit however a few more dollars to up the quality a bit would make the camera a bit more user friendly.

MC2-GWM summary: The overall unit is fair at best. Am considering returning both units and upgrading to a digital for less than $100. I would not suggest this camera. Spend a few more $$$ and get a digital. Less hassle and better quality.

Rating for this Stealth Cam product: 2

Author of this review on Stealth Cam Trail Cameras: Eric B

Date: 2006-01-15

Usefulness Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
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