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Moultrie GameSpy 100 Trail Cameras (m-s)

Trail Cameras (m-s) Manufacturer: Moultrie
Moultrie Model: GameSpy 100
Review Category: Trail Cameras (m-s)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (m-s) I got this at X-mas for around 100 - Sportsmans warehouse, I believe

Things I like about the Moultrie GameSpy 100 Trail Cameras (m-s): Easy to use, when pictures taken, they were decent

What I don't like about the Moultrie GameSpy 100: Battery life is terrible. I'd set the camera up, and it would take some pictures of me, but after 3 days in the field (my backyard), I would check on it, and I could jump around like a monkey in front of it, and no pictures would be taken. I suspect it is a battery problem, even though the battery life was indicated at above the reccommended 20%. Don't know why it wouldn't work after several days. The sensor didn't seem to pick up motion/heat very well either.

Trail Cameras (m-s) GameSpy 100 quality: It was out in the rain for several weeks during my testing, and remained dry.

GameSpy 100 summary: I think this unit is garbage when used in cold temperatures 30-40 F. The battery life was very short, making the unit useless. I returned and upgraded to a different brand, which I'm currently testing.

Rating for this Moultrie product: 1

Author of this review on Moultrie Trail Cameras (m-s): Idaho Hunter

Date: 2006-01-30

Usefulness Rating: 3.32 out of 5.
50 reader(s) voted.

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