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Tinks Trophy buck lure Calls Lures Scents

Calls Lures Scents Manufacturer: Tinks
Tinks Model: Trophy buck lure
Review Category: Calls Lures Scents

Purchase: Calls Lures Scents I've been using tinks scents for the past 15 years, this year I decided to try the trophy buck lure. I bought it from Cabellas online store paid $9.95 and used it down in the southeastern part of Arizona where the New Mexico whitetail migrate north to, and after using the scent on a dripper a nice 9 point buck came in after about 45 minutes and started looking around and sniffing the air. He finally gave me a perfect 25 yard shot and the rest is history

Things I like about the Tinks Trophy buck lure Calls Lures Scents: Everything, another great scent by a great company.

What I don't like about the Tinks Trophy buck lure: Nothing

Calls Lures Scents Trophy buck lure quality: Excellent,

Trophy buck lure summary: I would like to tell all you hunters one thing, I have hunted in Missouri,Michigan, and now Arizona, and the tink's has worked for me in all locations.

Rating for this Tinks product: 5

Author of this review on Tinks Calls Lures Scents: James Jean

Date: 2006-01-31

Usefulness Rating: 4.44444 out of 5.
9 reader(s) voted.

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