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Big Game Tree Stand Partner Plus Ladder Stand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Big Game Tree Stand
Big Game Tree Stand Model: Partner Plus Ladder Stand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands Purchased on-line from Woods-N-Water out of Alabama. $249.99 plus $32.00 shipping cost.I have 2 Daughters that want to learn to hunt over the years to come and this stand will give us plenty of room to hunt together or seperately as they grow up.

Things I like about the Big Game Tree Stand Partner Plus Ladder Stand Tree Stands: The Partner Plus is a 2-man ladder stand that is built fairly solid,easily assembled and has double ladder rails for a more solid and secure stand with easier/safer climbing to the top.Other special features is a larger seat that folds down to sit on and folds up and secured up with a small latch to keep it in place.It also has a shooting rail that folds backwards for easy climbing into the stand and then folds back down if needed for Rifle/Gun Season.The seat and shooting rail folds up for more room when Bow Hunting.The seat has a removable seat pad and 2 removable padded back rest also.The rails have removable camoflauged pads that secure with velcro and can be removed after the Hunting seasons.The Stand comes with 2 ratchet straps that secure the stand to the tree.The seats and back rest are comfortable for a long day of hunting.2-hunter saftey harnesses are supplied with the stand.You can purchase a Blind Kit for the ladder stand from several different Suppliers.

What I don't like about the Big Game Tree Stand Partner Plus Ladder Stand: Weighing in at 127 pounds the Stand needs 2-3 strong people to put up into a tree,or by using a small chain hoist set up would be some what easier.Take down or moving to different location will be tedious because of the weight of stand.Seat pad and back rest are in black with "Big Game" logo's sewed on and would be better if done in Camo colors like the rail pads.Seat can be noisy when lowering onto the metal frame,but can be solved by placing some stick-on pads to reduce noise!Stand can be a little noisy in colder weather as with any metal stand.The ratchet straps mechanism's are shiny and need to be covered or paint to reduce sun glare.

Tree Stands Partner Plus Ladder Stand quality: Quality of the Ladder Stand is very good and is great if your a large person or you have a freind along or take a young person with you to learn about hunting like I did with my Daughter on the Youth Deer Hunt.Assembly Instructions were fairly good but could use some improvement.Unit has a very large floor for plenty of room to manuver around and has the wire mesh floor.

Partner Plus Ladder Stand summary: The Partner Plus Tree Stand is a very good sturdy built unit that is great for larger Hunters and Hunters that want to take a Friend,Wife or other Family member hunting with them.Comfort,Room and Safety are a plus with the stand.Set-up will be difficult and requires 2 or more people,mobility will be limited so be sure to place it in a productive hunting area or one that you plan on using for several seasons.

Rating for this Big Game Tree Stand product: 5

Author of this review on Big Game Tree Stand Tree Stands: Tim in MO.

Date: 2006-02-02

Usefulness Rating: 4.90909 out of 5.
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