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nature vision game-vu Cameras & Accessories

Cameras & Accessories Manufacturer: nature vision
nature vision Model: game-vu
Review Category: Cameras & Accessories

Purchase: I purchased my first game-vu from cabela's the first year they were available.I was waiting for the first digital game camera to hit the market.I paid $400.00 and it came with a little casio t.v. The big hook this unit had over the competition, at that time, was digital format and non-spooking I.R. flash. Finally!, no more $200 stacks of exposed 35mm film of birds, spiders, and mostly nothing and not one but several pics of the same buck thanks to the I.R.

Things I like about the nature vision game-vu: Other than stated above, I like the physical size of the camera,(I can fit 4 cameras, and my camcorder in a small backpack; this is also nice when placing on a tree; camera has a very small footprint,just 2 small twigs to camo the camera and unless you are looking for it, it is easy to miss. Simple operation. The 6-AA battery power source gives the camera about 7 days in the woods and works great with ni-mh rechargables. The ability to view photos at the tree and record to camcorder via RCA out is nice.

What I don't like about the nature vision game-vu: Nature vision never upgraded there memory,(still 64 stored images in stataflash) or improved picture quality,(resolution or better lens). However I use the Game-Vu while hunting like I use a Vexilar while icefishing,they are above all tools so I don't mind the grainy b&w photos. I was not thrilled with the wake-up time at first but I modified my placement to 45 degrees to the target and that works great. I wish they would finally factory camo their case, the camo cloth tape I use has to be sprayed with scent killer all the time.

game-vu quality: Case is durable plastic case. Lens can be easily cleaned with cotton swabs. RCA connections are sturdy. I have not had a unit break. Springs for holding batteries can lossen over time. My oldest unit (approx. 6 yrs old) had this happen to one spring. Quality is solid.

game-vu summary: Game Vu is a solid camera and a great tool as long as you are not interested in framing your photos. The camera will tell you who, what, when and where. These after all are the questions we want answered. Had a Game Vu XR for a short time. Visible red flash defeated the purpose of IR. If Nature Vision upgrades memory and picture quality, this platform will compete well with todays newer cameras.

Rating for this nature vision product: 4

Author of this review on nature vision Cameras & Accessories: Christopher

Date: 2006-02-02

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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