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Cocoon Solutions ATV Cocoon Protective Outerwear Rain Gear

Rain Gear Manufacturer: Cocoon Solutions
Cocoon Solutions Model: ATV Cocoon Protective Outerwear
Review Category: Rain Gear

Purchase: Rain Gear I was reading one of the famous outdoor catalogs while sitting on my normal morning seat (toilet) and I saw an ad for this "ATV Cocoon". I have an ATV and it's only natural to dress it up with the latest stuff. When I finished my "business", I went to their web site by typing in "atv cocoon" and up it came. They have some action videos on there that makes the cocoon look even better. After a brief discussion with my wife I ordered myself a Cocoon in Camo for $98.95! A bit pricey, but I was going on a Utah Elk hunt in a couple of weeks and it gets cold and sometimes wet up there. The Cocoon came within a couple of days and I was able to quickly (10 minutes) have it installed on my ATV. The Cocoon comes with it's own storage bag that attaches by straps to the rear rack on the ATV. I was impressed by the ease with which it mounted. The whole thing is sort of like a poncho, but it has arms and large zipper in the front that is easy to zip even with winter gloves on. The outer portion of the poncho-like coat snaps in two places on each of the four fenders of the ATV. Easy to do, but you need to take your gloves off to snap them up. The coat/poncho esentially traps the heat produced by your ATV engine and sends it up around your neck. It's very warm when the weather is cold outside. And the arms are long enough to tuck your fingers inside to protect them from the elements. The heat also gets to your hands to help keep them warm. Now for the true test: Utah Elk hunting! We base camped at about 7500 ft on the South slope of the Uintah mountains. We planned on 10 straight days in the hills. Our highest hunting point was 9280 ft. and most of our time was spent somewhere between base camp and the top of the hill where the road ended. During the time there, we had a really nasty snow storm move in. I dawned my ATV Cocoon about 6 a.m. and off I road into the blinding snow storm. My hunting partners had their normal hunting stuff on, including ponchos, rain coats etc. After a few hours of riding and stand hunting, we met in a pine tree protected area about half way back to camp. They were soaked to the bone and cold as all get out. ME? Warm and dry! I had pulled the Cocoon off of the snaps and walked over to where they were huddled. They laughed and smirked at the "bulk" of my outerwear! But I had the last laugh. Back at camp that evening, they had their clothes hanging up to dry and believe me, they didn't have any clothes that weren't wet! Mine were as dry as when I had left that morning. The ATV Cocoon is a wonderful item to have and I can't help but believe that every ATV owner who ventures out in the rain or snow should own one! Warm, dry, easy to use and very affordable. Even though I paid nearly $100 for mine, I have seen them at Sportsmans Warehouse for $80, even in camo. As time goes on, I'm sure the price will come down.

Things I like about the Cocoon Solutions ATV Cocoon Protective Outerwear Rain Gear: Heavy duty material, large zipper, has its own storage bag, comes out of the bag and back into the bag easily. It's lined so as not to "stick" to your skin. Snaps easily to the snaps you screw on the fenders of your ATV. It traps all of the heat from the ATV engine to keep you warm and dry. It has a hood if you wish to use it (I haven't used mine).

What I don't like about the Cocoon Solutions ATV Cocoon Protective Outerwear: Bulky if you choose to unsnap it and walk around.

Rain Gear ATV Cocoon Protective Outerwear quality: Heavy guage material that is breathable, lined and very durable. The material used is of very high quality. Double sewn seams and waterproof.

ATV Cocoon Protective Outerwear summary: Once I tried this ATV Cocoon, I wouldn't be without one. Already my hunting partners have theirs and are ready for next years hunt! To those out there with ATV's, please check these things out, you can't go wrong and you sure will stay dry and warm. Thanks for this opportunity to let you all know about the ATV Cocoon. Wynn Zundel Willard, Utah

Rating for this Cocoon Solutions product: 5

Author of this review on Cocoon Solutions Rain Gear: Wynn Zundel

Date: 2006-02-14

Usefulness Rating: 4.52174 out of 5.
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