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Black Powder Manufacturer: CVA
Review Category: Black Powder

Purchase: Black Powder I chose the CVA Optima for it's price as well as past experience with CVA's. I purchased this simple, effcient and accurate muzzleloader from Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World in Nashville, TN for about $280. I wanted a decent and affordable muzzleloader for deer hunting.

Things I like about the CVA OPTIMA .50 CAL BREAK-ACTIONMUZZLELOADER Black Powder: The Optima .50 caliber has a very simple break-action design with an easily removable breech-plug making cleaning a easy job. It comes with fiber-optic open sights. It's tapped perefctly to mount a scope and is extremely accurate with a red-dot sight.No tool is needed to apply/remove the #209 primer. The break action design completely protects the primer form outside elements such as weather. The best feature is it's excellent accuracy with added scopes or just with the factory open sights. Built in recoil pad and factory holes to add a sling. An extendable ram-rod.

What I don't like about the CVA OPTIMA .50 CAL BREAK-ACTIONMUZZLELOADER: The only downside of this weapon is it's weight. It's heavy, but that comes with the territory with these types of weapons.

Black Powder OPTIMA .50 CAL BREAK-ACTIONMUZZLELOADER quality: It has a solid, sturdy nickel barrel and a synthetic Mossy Oak camo stock and fore-piece.

OPTIMA .50 CAL BREAK-ACTIONMUZZLELOADER summary: It's moderately priced and may look a little more crude than more expensive brand muzzleloaders, but to my experience it performs very well. No problems with accuracy. Non CVA fansa will continue to express that it is a cheap, less-quality muzzleloader, but in the end... proper weapon maintenance and shooting skill is what puts the round on target. In my opinion, this weapon is as good as a Knight or any other popular brand muzzleloader.

Rating for this CVA product: 4

Author of this review on CVA Black Powder: Tennessee Muzzleloader SM

Date: 2006-02-23

Usefulness Rating: 4.45161 out of 5.
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