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Kistler 6'9" Helium Series All - Purpose Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods Manufacturer: Kistler
Kistler Model: 6'9" Helium Series All - Purpose
Review Category: Fishing Rods

Purchase: Fishing Rods After researching many different fishing rod reviews I decided to try a new Kistler fishing rod. Kistler's Helium series rods are touted to be among the lightest rods on the market. I have found their 6'9" Medium-Heavy All - Purpose rod to be just that. Very fast tip with incredible backbone for a sure hook set when flipping, and also very good for ripping lipless crankbaits over and through heavy grass. All this versatility with a rod that you can fish with all day due to it's light weight. Another great feature is the handle design with NO fore grip you can lay your finger along the side of the blank for the ultimate in feeling those subtle soft plastic bites. I acguired the rod direct through Kistler over the internet and paid about $230.00 for it. Although a bit expensive, the quality and features of this rod series are tremendous, truly the best I have ever experienced.

Things I like about the Kistler 6'9" Helium Series All - Purpose Fishing Rods: Quality and extreme light weight. Extra fast sensitive tip with enough backbone to horse a fish out of heavy cover. Can be used in for many different techniques.

What I don't like about the Kistler 6'9" Helium Series All - Purpose : A bit pricey but you get what you pay for!

Fishing Rods 6'9" Helium Series All - Purpose quality: A custom made rod with extreme high quality.

6'9" Helium Series All - Purpose summary: I highly recommend this rod and am eager to try others in the Kistler series.

Rating for this Kistler product: 5

Author of this review on Kistler Fishing Rods: Stan Rodia

Date: 2006-02-25

Usefulness Rating: 3.23041 out of 5.
217 reader(s) voted.

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