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Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier LP Baitcast Reel Fishing Reels

Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Bass Pro Shops
Bass Pro Shops Model: Pro Qualifier LP Baitcast Reel
Review Category: Fishing Reels

Purchase: Fishing Reels I purchased this reel in April 2005 at Bass Pro Shops for $100 because it looked like a simple, good quality, and durable reel for a fair price.

Things I like about the Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier LP Baitcast Reel Fishing Reels: I like this reel for many reasons. For one the look it great. A simple, silver colored reel with no flashy add-ons. Two, when I first picked it up, it was a light, solid, and smooth reel. With 7 ball bearings, it was without a doubt the smoothest $100 reel I had ever touched. What really has me telling people to purchase the Pro Qualifier is its consistency. I can honestly say it performs the same as it did on day one. I have had absolutley zero problems with this reel. I have used dozens on baitcast reels and this is bar none my personal favorite.

What I don't like about the Bass Pro Shops Pro Qualifier LP Baitcast Reel: There is not one flaw or defect with this reel. Everything about the reel is perfect.

Fishing Reels Pro Qualifier LP Baitcast Reel quality: The Pro Qualifier consists of a 1-pc. anodized aluminum frame, machined aluminum perforated spool, titanium nitride-coated line guide, push-button side-cover, rugged gearing, a smooth-meshing 7-bearing, and Bass Pro's very own advanced Inertial Transfer Braking.

Pro Qualifier LP Baitcast Reel summary: This is most definitley the best baitcasting reel for $100.

Rating for this Bass Pro Shops product: 5

Author of this review on Bass Pro Shops Fishing Reels: Joe P

Date: 2006-03-08

Usefulness Rating: 3.17476 out of 5.
206 reader(s) voted.

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