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GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9' FR-1086-4 Fishing Rods

Fishing Rods Manufacturer: GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9'
GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9' Model: FR-1086-4
Review Category: Fishing Rods

Purchase: Fishing Rods This is about GLoomis Fly rod that comes in 4 pieces in a carrying case. I acquired this rod for travel on planes and on for the quaility and performance. This rod is or has to be one of the finest fly rods I have ever used or owned. It is not only fantastic for travel, but it works with such power, performance, and with unbelivable accuracy. I have used all makes and companies around North america- and I can not find a better fly rod that can out perform as well as how light and powerful this rod is. If you are a serious fly fishermen, then you will have to look no more. If this rod does not outperform any other company- then I will eat my hat!! I have been a fly fishermen for over 35 years and own all types of rods from cane to boron, and i will never have to look or own another fly rod ever again/

Things I like about the GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9' FR-1086-4 Fishing Rods: Why I like this rod is because you can fish all day without getting tired and worn out in the arms and shoulders. It casts with such ease and accuracy that when you have to make the perfect cast, you are going to be overwhelmed on how the rod will perform.

What I don't like about the GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9' FR-1086-4: If there is anything bad to say about the rod-it would only be the price. But if you think about how long you will own it and use the rod, then the price is not an issue. When you have a fish strike, there is nothing to do but just give a slight set and the hook will be enbended into the fish before the fish can realize waht has happened. Also the rod has such power you can make large casting loops to avoid wind knots and making a very light presentation of your fly on any given cast.

Fishing Rods FR-1086-4 quality: The rod is made of graphite and has a wonderful reel seat with excellent cork in the handles.

FR-1086-4 summary: The rod overal can be placed in a catagory that no other rod company can touch or even match.

Rating for this GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9' product: 5

Author of this review on GLoomis Fly Rod-Travel Rod-4 piece-9' Fishing Rods: G.W.(Gene) Lopushinsky

Date: 2003-11-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.78723 out of 5.
47 reader(s) voted.

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