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Lunker City Slug-Go SS Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Manufacturer: Lunker City
Lunker City Model: Slug-Go SS
Review Category: Fishing Tackle

Purchase: Fishing Tackle My friend was fishing and he called me and said he was going to show me something. I got down to the river and he had caught about 10 bass in 20 minutes. I said"WHAT ARE YOU USING!" He said Slug-Go.I said where did u get it. He said for about 10.00 with shipping. I ordered some and next week it came and it was about 5:00 so I went down to the lake to try it out and i caught a large mouth bass on my second cast!

Things I like about the Lunker City Slug-Go SS Fishing Tackle: I love this bait because it fools fish for worms because of its flexibility and it's a guarenteed catch with a Slug-Go SS. It also comes in many different colors and just about any fish will go for it and you can choose what length to get.

What I don't like about the Lunker City Slug-Go SS : The only thing i dont like is it seems as if the hook is loose when you first use it because of the flexibility but DON'T WORRY YOU WON'T LOSE YOUR HOOK!!!!

Fishing Tackle Slug-Go SS quality: The cunsruction is a very loose flexible rubber and feels and in the water, looks like a work. Quality is awesome because of flexibility and strength to fool fish into eating it!

Slug-Go SS summary: If you want to get the monster bass in your near-by body of water GET A Slug-Go SS.

Rating for this Lunker City product: 5

Author of this review on Lunker City Fishing Tackle: Matthew Taylor

Date: 2006-03-12

Usefulness Rating: 3.07692 out of 5.
117 reader(s) voted.

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