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Fishboy Amazing Fish Corkscrew Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Fishboy
Fishboy Model: Amazing Fish Corkscrew
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip Purchased online from for $25

Things I like about the Fishboy Amazing Fish Corkscrew Fishing Misc Equip: After a long day of hunting or fishing nothing beats relaxing with a bottle of wine. Of course no one wants to have to wrestle with a ornary cork at the end of a long day or even use a boring looking corkscrew. Enter the Amazing Fish Corkscrew from Fishboy -- It’s awesome. Closed it looks like a shiny chrome fish. Open it resembles one of those robot grabber claws you had when you were a kid. Plus it works even better than it looks! You simply screw the corkscrew end (the fish’s mouth) into the cork. Grab hold of the fish’s tail and pull. The compound lever action in the design of the fish corkscrew multiplies your effort and the cork pulls out with ease. Plus it makes a really cool "plop" sound as the cork pops out of the bottle. The fish corkscrew makes opening up wine bottles fun and it surely impresses any guests you may have in attendance.

What I don't like about the Fishboy Amazing Fish Corkscrew: Not pocketable. This is a grand corkscrew for the home or camp.

Fishing Misc Equip Amazing Fish Corkscrew quality: All metal chromed construction with an open spiral worm for positive penetration and grip into the cork and a new three step base that automatically fits all bottle rims from normal size to regular flange and super-flange bottle rims.

Amazing Fish Corkscrew summary: This fish shaped corkscrew is truely awesome. Innovative features, unique contemporary design -- go and get one!

Rating for this Fishboy product: 5

Author of this review on Fishboy Fishing Misc Equip: E. Fielding

Date: 2006-03-16

Usefulness Rating: 3.01235 out of 5.
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