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Magellan Platinum GPS

GPS Manufacturer: Magellan
Magellan Model: Platinum
Review Category: GPS

Purchase: I bought the unit on Ebay almost three years ago for less than $300

Things I like about the Magellan Platinum : I have now used the unit in many parts of the US, Mexico and England. The download-able maps of the MapSend series are amazingly detailed. Particularly in England,Where none of the roads run N-S,or E-W, even tiny medieval lanes were visible. I have used it elk hunting in CO, canoeing in the MN Boundary Waters and even off the detailed map in Mexico. The optional car windshield mount is a lifesaver as is the car power cord; I won't travel and drive in a strange city without it. Compared to an earlier model I had, from a different manufacturer, it is very economical in battery use. Two AA's last all day. Backed up by a laptop, and literally all the US is available to download in minutes. It will hold about 1/6th of the US at a time, in minute detail. Using it at a plane window, reading the speed and altitude of the plane is particularly fun. The bike adapter is fun, and gives mph, location, and instant readouts for how far back to the car! All in all it's worth every penny, several times over.

What I don't like about the Magellan Platinum : The only unnerving feature is that the built-in compass tends to lose its orientation, and points 180 off of true. In the wilderness, bring a couple magnetic compasses instead of trusting this. I would NOT trust the compass. The barometric pressure feature is nice to have in the wilderness. The internal thermometer takes a long time to read the ambient temperature if you keep it in a warm pocket.

Platinum quality: Very solid and well shock-mounted.

Platinum summary: There is now a newer version; I couldn't be more pleased with the unit, except for the compass. The car and bike adapters are very well-worth the money. And the maps for Europe were fantastic.

Rating for this Magellan product: 5

Author of this review on Magellan GPS: CrookedCreekRol

Date: 2006-03-17

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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