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Arrow Dynamics Nitro Stinger (Orange) Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: Arrow Dynamics
Arrow Dynamics Model: Nitro Stinger (Orange)
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows I purchased these arrows from Lancaster Archery Supply through their on-line service.I purchased this product because of the unique taper design of the arrows.I paid around $90.00 with shipping for bare shaft arrows nocks and inserts included.

Things I like about the Arrow Dynamics Nitro Stinger (Orange) Arrows: These arrows have functioned very well for me.For a hunting arrow they fly much like a target arrow flat and fast with excellent consistancy and excellent penetration.With a 74# pull and a 28" draw length I'm getting 282 feet per second with a 374 grain arrow.This translates close to 66# of kinetic energy,this is more than enough for most game out there (I'm not planning on hunting Elephant anytime soon).Durability is decent not the most durable but certainly not the least.Another cool thing about these arrows with the exception of the Nitro-lites is that all three sizes are rated from 55-100# so if you want to go with a heavier poundage or lower poundage you will not have to buy new shafts.Saved money is always good.

What I don't like about the Arrow Dynamics Nitro Stinger (Orange): First let me say that in my opinion the benefits of this arrow outweigh the negatives but there are some things I do not like about these shafts.The nocks that come with the arrows could be designed alittle better, basically a straight Joe Basic nock,some do not fit as tightly as others, they will work but the quality could be better.The biggest thing I didn't like about these arrow would have to be that because of the taper in the shaft,if you shoot the back of the arrow or by some other means crack the back of the shaft the arrow is in essense ruined.You can not cut the crack out of the back of these arrows and expect the nock to still fit.I use a uni-bushing that you can purchase through Lancaster Archery this uni-bushing looks like a taper bushing but you can cut it to work with a large or small G-nock from Easton.This alleviates this problem but nothing will completely stop it from happening.One more thing that really has nothing to do with the Quality of the product but the customer service has alot to be desired.I have questions I have asked through the Website that were never answered but I figure as long as the quality of the product does not change the customer service issue is just an annoyance.

Arrows Nitro Stinger (Orange) quality: Overall quality and construction of these arrows I would rate high.Not Kevlar tough but tough none the less.Good thickness in the side-wall especially considering the 21/64 size in the shaft and weight.Good Carbon does not splinter easily and defintely flys well.Straighness tolerance +/- .0025 per 24".Weight tolerance of +/- 2 grams per bundle.

Nitro Stinger (Orange) summary: The bottom line is this arrow has worked well for me.Although there are some short comings (what arrow doesn't have some kind of problem)The flight and consistancy of these arrows is excellent.A wide range of weights to choose from and the taper design which shortens deflection time and (according to the website) makes fixed-blade broadhead tuning less of a headache adds up to a very solid performing arrow.I would recommend this product.

Rating for this Arrow Dynamics product: 4

Author of this review on Arrow Dynamics Arrows: Victor Bent

Date: 2006-03-17

Usefulness Rating: 3.176 out of 5.
250 reader(s) voted.

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