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Bushnell TrailScout VGA Trail Cameras (a-f)

Trail Cameras (a-f) Manufacturer: Bushnell
Bushnell Model: TrailScout VGA
Review Category: Trail Cameras (a-f)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (a-f) I purchased this camera at Cabela's last April for a $199.

Things I like about the Bushnell TrailScout VGA Trail Cameras (a-f): The camera is very easy to set up, and the photo quality is all right for only being .35 MP.

What I don't like about the Bushnell TrailScout VGA: When I first received the camera I couldn't get the images on the SD card. I called Bushnell and they said to return it, I recieved another unit and it seems to work all right. I purchased an additional SD card with more memory but I can't seem to get it to work. The battery life is terrible in temperatures under 40.

Trail Cameras (a-f) TrailScout VGA quality: The construction is very tough and water tight, the pad lock is small and could easily be broken. The electronics seems to work fine as long as the temperature is above 40.

TrailScout VGA summary: My thoughts are for the money the camera could have had a better locking device. With all the problems I had from the beginning I should had just brought it back to the store and purchased a different brand. Live and learn I guess. I will not purchase another Bushnell product again!!

Rating for this Bushnell product: 2

Author of this review on Bushnell Trail Cameras (a-f): Jim

Date: 2006-03-20

Usefulness Rating: 3.07347 out of 5.
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