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Power Pro 20# Test/ 6#Dia. Braided fishing line Fishing Line

Fishing Line Manufacturer: Power Pro
Power Pro Model: 20# Test/ 6#Dia. Braided fishing line
Review Category: Fishing Line

Purchase: Fishing Line A fishing buddy told me about this line after seeing me break the mono I was using several times. So I decided to give it a try and picked up a spool for under $15.00 at Walmart. That sounds steep for fishing line but it's well worth the price if you consider the fish lost, and tackle replaced and time it takes to re-rig while fishing for crappie in brush piles.

Things I like about the Power Pro 20# Test/ 6#Dia. Braided fishing line Fishing Line: I like the fact that when any fish uses brush as a means of escape I can always retrieve my line intact and the hook will straighten before the line breaks..The strength is unmatched by any other line I've used and the small diameter is excellent for replacing lines that are equal in dia. but are weak in strength..

What I don't like about the Power Pro 20# Test/ 6#Dia. Braided fishing line: Buddy when you do hang something that's too big for your reel it's either cut your line or chance stripping your reel. This stuff don't give! I wouldn't advise spooling it on a 'enclosed' reel like the regular push-button Zebco's for instance..Also don't make the mistake of trying to use your bare hands to unsnag it or tighten it..It'll cut you to the bone!

Fishing Line 20# Test/ 6#Dia. Braided fishing line quality: All I can say is the way the line is made and the diameter is soo genius!! It's money well spent! It's lightweight as well unlike the old braided line made.

20# Test/ 6#Dia. Braided fishing line summary: Want to use kiddie reels? Stick with monofilament. Want something that wont give and is very reliable? You've gotta try this..I also noted that you cant just use any ol' knot in this line but the knots to use are easy to learn and WONT slip.

Rating for this Power Pro product: 5

Author of this review on Power Pro Fishing Line: Tony Clay

Date: 2006-04-05

Usefulness Rating: 3.11034 out of 5.
145 reader(s) voted.

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