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Shimano Chronarch 100mg Bass Fishing Reels

Bass Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Shimano
Shimano Model: Chronarch 100mg
Review Category: Bass Fishing Reels

Purchase: Bass Fishing Reels I have been wanting to purchase a new baitcasting reel, so I started narrowing it down to a Daiwa Sol and Quantum Tour Edition PT. I wasn't really looking at Shimano because of bad experience with the VBS system on one of my reels I bought last year. I was leaning towards the Quantum, when I noticed at my local sporting good store they were selling last years Chronarch for less than half the retail. The Chronarch that they had was the last one, so I decided to give it shot. I paid $140 for the reel which retailed for $300.

Things I like about the Shimano Chronarch 100mg Bass Fishing Reels: The reel is very light (6.9 oz), and is comfortable to palm. It has a 6.2:1 gear ratio which is an all around speed. It features the Low-Mass spool and Super-Free, which allows the reel to cast further than my previous Shimano reel which does not feature a Low-mass spool or super free. The reel also features top quality components. The vbs system is easy to adjust and works much better on this reel than others because of the lighter spool.

What I don't like about the Shimano Chronarch 100mg: There were not many dislikes about this reel, I just had a couple of features that I wished Shimano would have included. The reel does not have a clicking drag. This would have been a great addition to this reel. I know that Shimano corrected this with the new Chronarch 50mg. There were some other features, but they are so minor that they really don't take away from the overall workmanship.

Bass Fishing Reels Chronarch 100mg quality: This reel is made out of magnesium, which is the lightest metal reels can be made of. The reel is well constructed and does not have any problems after using it several times. It also features Shimano's lifetime warranty.

Chronarch 100mg summary: A great reel especially for the price that I paid for it. I don't know if I would pay $300 for it, but this is definatly a great reel.

Rating for this Shimano product: 5

Author of this review on Shimano Bass Fishing Reels: Fishing Frenzy

Date: 2006-04-11

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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