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Oakley Square Wire 2.0 Fishing Misc Equip

Fishing Misc Equip Manufacturer: Oakley
Oakley Model: Square Wire 2.0
Review Category: Fishing Misc Equip

Purchase: Fishing Misc Equip Paid $175 on ebay for these glasses. I never thought I'd get a pair of sunglasses for fishing but my friend Darren turned me on to them. Darren even wears them out to the clubs at night. He's a little strange, but he gets the girls so I figured I'd give them a try. Just won't tell the wifey poo why I REALLY bought them..

Things I like about the Oakley Square Wire 2.0 Fishing Misc Equip: They're attractive for starters. They feel very light and you hardly notice you are wearing them except for the great polarization qualities. I can basically cut the glare off the water and see those little buggers swimming around on all but the most overcast days.

What I don't like about the Oakley Square Wire 2.0: There's not much to not like except the price. I always thought these things were overpriced, especially Oakley and Nike, but if you want a good quality pair of glasses, you've got to be willing to ante up.

Fishing Misc Equip Square Wire 2.0 quality: Construction is a little flimsy, but quality is great. If that makes sense consider this: You're not paying for a pair of mil-spec glasses here. You're paying for the name, the look and the lenses. If that's ok with you, you'll be more than pleased.

Square Wire 2.0 summary: Again, a little expensive but a great looking product with great lenses. I looked at some of the other brands out there, but none of them were ME as much as these glasses.

Rating for this Oakley product: 4

Author of this review on Oakley Fishing Misc Equip: Studley Stan

Date: 2003-08-26

Usefulness Rating: 3.61538 out of 5.
13 reader(s) voted.

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