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Diawa Viento Bass Fishing Reels

Bass Fishing Reels Manufacturer: Diawa
Diawa Model: Viento
Review Category: Bass Fishing Reels

Purchase: Bass Fishing Reels Purchased from Bass Pro for about $209 after looking and handling several differant brands and models of reels.

Things I like about the Diawa Viento Bass Fishing Reels: Purchased it because it is extremely smooth when winding and the casting is so free that I have even cast crappie jigs with it. I really like the external brake. It has very fine adjustments that work very well. I have cast very light to quite heavy lures with it with no problems. Even casting against the wind is now quite simple.

What I don't like about the Diawa Viento: I bought this reel even though I thought the twiching lever was a gimmic. I am not 100% sold on this feature, but found myself experimenting with it and finding it to be helpful under certain applications.

Bass Fishing Reels Viento quality: The quality and construction of this reel appears to be very good. It seems very solid and the fit is good.

Viento summary: I haven't had this reel very long, but would say that it seems to be a great reel for not only experienced bait caster people, but also the beginner could get hooked on baitcasters easily by using the Diawa Viento to learn on. The brakes are so good that you can eliminate almost all backlash and gain confidence quickly.

Rating for this Diawa product: 4

Author of this review on Diawa Bass Fishing Reels: Fish On

Date: 2006-04-16

Usefulness Rating: 4.77778 out of 5.
9 reader(s) voted.

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