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Rapala XR10 / Rapala X-Rap (Xtreme Action Slashbait) Fishing Lures

Fishing Lures Manufacturer: Rapala
Rapala Model: XR10 / Rapala X-Rap (Xtreme Action Slashbait)
Review Category: Fishing Lures

Purchase: Fishing Lures Making the trek to the Cincinatti-area Bass Pro Shop from my home in Dayton, Ohio has always proved worth the endeavor, and on one particular occasion this was especially so. Desperate for some expert advice on how I might turn-around a serious lack of success in fishing our abundant rivers, a Bass Pro staff suggested the X-Rap #10, coaching me to present it a fashion much like a jerkbait. I paid a little over $6.00 for each lure, and took home a few.

Things I like about the Rapala XR10 / Rapala X-Rap (Xtreme Action Slashbait) Fishing Lures: Something told me that the X-Rap was a winner when I noticed how it casted like a bullet, and immediately began to preform as I had been informed: like a "slash-bait." With sharp precision, the X-Rap would make immediate and responsive course corrections pursuant to every pull, snap, and directive given through my rod. It would become immediately idle, suspend, and, when commanded, "slash" in any direction I requested. The fact that the lure gives you so much discretion as to how it is fished is remarkably satisfing- and down-right fun! Certainly this lure preforms as advertised, and the quality of its manufacture is as good as anything I've seen Rapala produce. Moreover, what I like best about the X-Rap is that within about 5 casts, I landed a 24" Northern Pike out of the Great Miami River (from my favorite spot on the shoreline- and which had repeately "skunked" me for weeks on end!). The lure preformed magnificiantly, holding one very healthy- and fiesty fish- in quite significant current, throughout a noteable battle to shore. Allowing the 6lb Northern to recover for a moment, I released him back- but managed to take a picture. He was one strong fish, loaded with teeth; increadibly, however, the X-RAP, albeit with a few "bite marks," was already ready for its next cast.

What I don't like about the Rapala XR10 / Rapala X-Rap (Xtreme Action Slashbait): Honestly, there is nothing I do not like about the X-Rap.

Fishing Lures XR10 / Rapala X-Rap (Xtreme Action Slashbait) quality: Superior Rapala quality, excellent hook placement, clever and well-made tail dressing. Absolute durrability: ability to withstand fierce teeth and jaw abuse from one lengthly scuffle with a 24" Northern Pike (in brisk river current) and, with only limited, superficial damage, be ready for service again immediately! Also, terrific color options.

XR10 / Rapala X-Rap (Xtreme Action Slashbait) summary: This is one lure that I can truly say I have absolute confidence in. With its outstanding versitility and deadly fish-catching potential, the X-Rap is one lure I will be sure not to leave at home!

Rating for this Rapala product: 5

Author of this review on Rapala Fishing Lures: B. Ulrich

Date: 2006-04-22

Usefulness Rating: 4.45455 out of 5.
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