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Carolina Archery Products Whisker Biscuit QS Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: Carolina Archery Products
Carolina Archery Products Model: Whisker Biscuit QS
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment I bought this from Cabelas for $37.99 I actually bought this to bring along on a bear hunt in case my drop away rest should by chance fail.

Things I like about the Carolina Archery Products Whisker Biscuit QS Archery Equipment: Years ago I thought that this was the worst idea in the world. I was not alone originally. However, over the last several years the raves about this rest has changed my mind and I thougt that I would give it a try. It is nothing short of phenomenal. Super easy to set up. Simple in design and other than physically breaking it, is flawless.

What I don't like about the Carolina Archery Products Whisker Biscuit QS: The bristles seem a little stiff and they do have a tendency to wear out vanes. It curls them some after a lot of shooting.

Archery Equipment Whisker Biscuit QS quality: Very well made. I mentioned the possibility of it failing if you broke it. You would probably break many other parts on your bow before you got to this thing. Pretty well made and it's simplicity make it fool proof.

Whisker Biscuit QS summary: A great invention. Works really well and defys the laws of physics. I would have thought that any rest that was in contact with the arrow after release for the full length of the arrow would tend to impart some bad characteristics to the flight. It does not. I do not have the best form and need my bow components to be very forgiving. This rest absolutely is.

Rating for this Carolina Archery Products product: 4

Author of this review on Carolina Archery Products Archery Equipment: obiwankabaldi

Date: 2006-05-10

Usefulness Rating: 4 out of 5.
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