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High Country Carbon Revolution Arrows Archery Equipment

Archery Equipment Manufacturer: High Country
High Country Model: Carbon Revolution Arrows
Review Category: Archery Equipment

Purchase: Archery Equipment Purchased from the manufacturer at a sportshow. $99 for a dozen. We asked all the right questions - we just didn't get honest answers.

Things I like about the High Country Carbon Revolution Arrows Archery Equipment: (can't come up with anything - sorry)

What I don't like about the High Country Carbon Revolution Arrows: Really had high hopes this my solve my arrow needs. I shoot fairly low poundage 45 -50 with a 29 in. draw. They disappointed me in every respect! Durability - worst of any arrow I have ever used and I tried a lot over the years. I started with a dozen after two 3D shoots and a target round I am down to 7 useable arrows. In every case when a arrow got bumped by another it split. Nock went flying and was fine but the arrow... trash. Another arrow split when I twisted an unglued nock to align it. The poundage rating is a joke. They aren't going to paper tune. Only one out of four was eye ball staight on the spin.

Archery Equipment Carbon Revolution Arrows quality:

Carbon Revolution Arrows summary: Might be a usable product for the occasional archer. But why? At these prices you can get something much better. If you have them ... look them over very very carefully to avoid accidentaly shooting a split arrow.

Rating for this High Country product: 1

Author of this review on High Country Archery Equipment: Diane

Date: 2006-05-20

Usefulness Rating: 3.19231 out of 5.
26 reader(s) voted.

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