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Martin Jaguar bows

bows Manufacturer: Martin
Martin Model: Jaguar
Review Category: bows

Purchase: bows I have been shooting left handed for twenty plus years, although I am right eye dominant. With the progression of my age, I felt it was time to start using my dominant eye as my sight eye. I tried several bows out and was very impressed with the smooth break over of the Jaguar. It was moderatley priced at 385.00 for the package, which included the quiver, peep, sights, and rest. I modified the sights and rest to my favorite impact sight and whisker biscuit rest. I haven't put the bow up against a chronograph, but it truely shoots my gold tip 45/55's out like lazers. I was able to take it to Sasketchewan for a spring bear hunt this year, and fired completely through the 500 pounder at 23 yards, with my bow set at 50 lbs. and shooting 100 gr. magnus stinger. If you're looking for a moderate price, quiet, hunting bow, I think you'll have trouble beating this bow. This bow was purchased at Dick's Sporting Goods. Good Luck!

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Rating for this Martin product: 5

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Date: 2006-05-24

Usefulness Rating: 4.54321 out of 5.
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