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Leupold Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated Binoculars

Binoculars Manufacturer: Leupold
Leupold Model: Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated
Review Category: Binoculars

Purchase: Binoculars Dropped in the a "Sportsman's Warehouse locally to compare and purchase either the Nikon Monarch ATB 10X42 or the Leupold Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated binoculars. Both were priced at $299.95.

Things I like about the Leupold Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated Binoculars: There was an "outdoor optics test chart" posted about 50 yards away from the optics counter on a wall - and the resolution of each was so close as to be nearly identical but I believe the Leupold was slightly superior. The Monarch, however, seemed to have a very slight "smudgey" (that's a technical term, I'm pretty sure) quality to the image - while the Cascade was absolutely clean and clear. As they were the same price I trusted my own eyes over the reviews - and as they were essentially the same size I also trusted my long-term satisfaction with anything Leupold and got the Leupold. I also liked the "locking" diopter adjustment of the Leupold better than the exposed one on the Nikon. The dial-up eyecups were about equal in terms of function, so that was a tie - but very important.

What I don't like about the Leupold Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated: The depth of field is normally touted as a problem on the Leupold...but I have no problem with it during use. The cloth pouch is the only item on this glass that I feel is cheap...too flimsy.

Binoculars Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated quality: Absoluted first rate in all regards. Solid in the hands - you want a glass like this to have some heft or they tend to jitter after extended viewing.

Wind River Cascade 10X42 Phase Coated summary: The buzz is that the Phase Coating on this glass put it into contention with the Nikon Monarch. but I believe it to be a superior piece in several regards. The clarity and evenness of image across the field is very satisfying...and I aoppreciate the locking diopter adjustment knob. In addition, the size, weight and overall quality for which Leupold is well known made this, for me, the better choice.

Rating for this Leupold product: 5

Author of this review on Leupold Binoculars: Dave Mathews

Date: 2006-06-08

Usefulness Rating: 3.0354 out of 5.
565 reader(s) voted.

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