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NcStar Compact Illuminated 3-9x42 Rifle Scopes

Rifle Scopes Manufacturer: NcStar
NcStar Model: Compact Illuminated 3-9x42
Review Category: Rifle Scopes

Purchase: Rifle Scopes I purchased this scope online and paid somewhere around $50 to get it shipped to my door. I was new in the box and seems to carry a warranty.

Things I like about the NcStar Compact Illuminated 3-9x42 Rifle Scopes: Compactness, reasonable eye relief depth, good construction, decent clarity and brightness, nifty illuminator feature, 42mm objective lens, mil dot reticle, economical.

What I don't like about the NcStar Compact Illuminated 3-9x42: Lacking in high end fancy features like turret knobs, wide range eye relief, parallax adjuster, which considering its price is to be expected anyways.

Rifle Scopes Compact Illuminated 3-9x42 quality: The scope seems to be built fairly ruggedly. It is all metal, short, and has metal caps. The optics seem of reasonable quality. The illuminator works well. The magnification ring turns smoothly, and there is good focus through all the adjustment range. It doesn't appear as if it would be easily broken.

Compact Illuminated 3-9x42 summary: This is a good carry handle mounted optic for an AR type rifle, this scope will get the job done. It is accurate enough at 100m and the eye relief is correct for this application. I am still practicing shooting with this scope and the rifle that it is mounted on, but I am getting around 1-1/2 MOA groups at 100m with low grade ammo, which seems reasonable to me. For a inexpensive compact rifle scope, it seems to fulfill its purpose as a quick bolt-on solution which is accurate enough at short and medium ranges and cheap enough that it can be banged around a bit without causing much grief. Its a good choice for a low end field grade optic system for semiautomatic rifles and carbines. I've been taking mine out to the range weekly and practicing with it, and so far I'm satisfied with it. It does look pretty cool mounted up on a carry handle anyways, and it doesn't stick out too much, so it is handy. Its small size helps protect it, so you can cart your rifle around easily. I'm not sure about the ultimate accuracy of this scope and all that, but it works nice for my intended purpose of being able to shoot out to 300m or so and mostly hit what I'm aiming at.

Rating for this NcStar product: 4

Author of this review on NcStar Rifle Scopes: Doug

Date: 2006-06-17

Usefulness Rating: 4.68212 out of 5.
151 reader(s) voted.

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