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Burris Signature Zee Rings Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Burris
Burris Model: Signature Zee Rings
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories I got this online for about $45 shipped to my door including the optional inserts kit.

Things I like about the Burris Signature Zee Rings Shooting Accessories: Windage and elevation adjustable rings. Positive lock onto a weaver rail. Steel construction with synthetic inserts allows easy adjustment. There is never any kind of stress on the scope with these rings. No need to lap the rings whatsoever.

What I don't like about the Burris Signature Zee Rings: Get your wallet out, these are expensive rings!

Shooting Accessories Signature Zee Rings quality: These rings are superb quality. Nuff said.

Signature Zee Rings summary: My weaver base was mis-aligned when I had it installed, possibly the barrel is bored off-center. In any case, this is a good solution that solves a couple problems. By using an insert sideways, I can correct the windage alignment, and by using another insert in the other ring, I can add elevation to the scope so that I have mostly "up" adjustment on the scope. These rings are ideal for any kind of long range shooting setup and remove the need for angled bases. They also easily correct any misalignment of the scope base. Highly recommended if you need something like this.

Rating for this Burris product: 5

Author of this review on Burris Shooting Accessories: Doug

Date: 2006-06-23

Usefulness Rating: 3.03109 out of 5.
193 reader(s) voted.

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