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Mossberg 935 Other

Other Manufacturer: Mossberg
Mossberg Model: 935
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I was on a duck hunting trip and a buddy asked if I wanted to shoot his new Mossberg, so I said sure...I will give it it a shot.... Three days later I was packing it in my car to head home.

Things I like about the Mossberg 935: I really liked the ruggedness of the gun and the way it threw to my shoulder. I am 6'3"/260 lbs and have always hunted with a Remington shotgun, but this gun went to my shoulder well and I was making shots I normally would not have made with my Remington. Our last day there I shot my limit on ducks and only missed once in doing it. The gun is about 3"-4" inches longer than a comparable Remington model, so bigger guys with longer arms may find they can really increase their accuracy with this gun.

What I don't like about the Mossberg 935: I still can not get used to the Mossberg safety...

935 quality: I hunted three days in the mud and rain with out an issue. The gun is well built and rugged. It is full camo and would make and excellent duck or turkey gun for most guys.

935 summary: If your looking for a good shotgun that will hold up to the rigors of hunting (not just shooting) buy it now. If your a bigger guy with arms longer than the average shooter, give this gun a try for wingshooting.

Rating for this Mossberg product: 5

Author of this review on Mossberg Other: Doug

Date: 2003-12-17

Usefulness Rating: 4.3046 out of 5.
174 reader(s) voted.

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