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Rivers West Ambush Jacket Rain Gear

Rain Gear Manufacturer: Rivers West
Rivers West Model: Ambush Jacket
Review Category: Rain Gear

Purchase: Rain Gear I bought this Jacket from my local sporting goods store for approximately $180. I was looking for good rainwear that was quite and durable.

Things I like about the Rivers West Ambush Jacket Rain Gear: Very strong, 100% waterproof, wind resistant. Very Warm. This jacket has taken a couple of spills with me down hills, on rocks, and through the brush, and it hasn't even hinted of tearing or being worn out at all. Initially I had some issues with water coming through the seams and the forearms, but I sent it back to Rivers West and they re-waterproofed it and put some seam sealer on it, now it has worked just fine. Wind does not get through it, and it has some neat features like an extra long shirt tail to keep the wind off your back when sitting or bending over. A radial collar that keeps the wind off your neck and provides a little extra warmth on those really cold days. Comes with detachable hood. Ventilation zippers under the arms assist in keeping temperatures controllable.

What I don't like about the Rivers West Ambush Jacket: The only down sides are that Rivers West Gear is not breathable. There are vents in the arm pits and pockets and some other locations depending on the garment, but when you are hiking rough terrain it gets really warm really quick, and you sweat enough that you are not certain if the garment is leaking or you are producing all the moisture. The vents don't seem to help much in those circumstances. And overall it is a heavier material than typical rainwear. So packing it in your pack and taking it with you on a long hike is not the best option.

Rain Gear Ambush Jacket quality: Quality is unsurpassed. The second day I wore this jacket I came out of the woods after an all day hike. My legs gave out about 30 yards above the road my truck was on and I tumbled down rocks and slid along the gravel road. My hands were cut up, I scratched up my face a bit, and basically slid on my jacket for about 10 yards pretty violently. I got up expecting my new jacket to be torn up, but after wiping off the dirt, there wasn't even a scratch. I have been thorogh rough brush on food and motorcycle and fourwheeler, been poked by sticks, gone through briars and nothing. Great Quality and Construction.

Ambush Jacket summary: Excellent Gear for certain conditions. Sitting in tree stands, Hunting off horse or boats or somewhere that doesn't require too much physical exersion. Just gets too hot even with the vents fully opened. Stealheading in the middle of December or January would be perfect. Cold weather or rainy weather stand hunting. But if you are planning a two or three mile hike and it is raining, I might suggest a lighter, more breathable material.

Rating for this Rivers West product: 4

Author of this review on Rivers West Rain Gear: Unknown Hunter

Date: 2006-07-12

Usefulness Rating: 3.1872 out of 5.
422 reader(s) voted.

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