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Kramer Designs Corp. Snipe Pod STX 27 Shooting Accessories

Shooting Accessories Manufacturer: Kramer Designs Corp.
Kramer Designs Corp. Model: Snipe Pod STX 27
Review Category: Shooting Accessories

Purchase: Shooting Accessories I purchased this unit from Sportsmans Warehouse on sale for $79, marked down from $99. You can buy direct at

Things I like about the Kramer Designs Corp. Snipe Pod STX 27 Shooting Accessories: Lightweight. Most of the bipods I looked at were heavy and were mounted to the stock of your rifle. This unit is detachable and can be transfered to other rifles, shotguns or pistols. It is made of Easton 7075-T9 Tent pole. What that means is that it is like the steady stixs and are lightweight aluminum that are attached by a stretchable cord that pulls all the pieces together by gravity when unvelcroed. They come with a neoprene holter. There is a small unit called an SSU (Surrogate Sling Unit) that you attach to the factory sling stud. The bipod attaches to the SSU by a simple push/pull pin attachment. This makes it easy with gloves on, no screwing or use of tools. Height adjustment can be achieved by either spreading the bipod legs further apart, or by unlinking some of the segments. The feet on the bipod have rubber ends that won't slip on rocks or hard ground. The unit rotates left and right, up and down and side to side to make shooting uphill, downhill, or on the side of the hill easy. Since it is removeable you can choose to have it on your firearm when hunting or take it off when on the move. The closest thing to it is the Steady Stixs from Stoney Point. They have a nice bipod setup, but what I found is that since they are not attached to the firearm and you just lay your rifle or shotgun across them, they have a tendancy to slip down the barrel when shooting extreme angles, or waiting for long periods of time. The feet on them are pointed aluminum that can slip on some surfaces unlike the Snipepod. And the belt attachement they give you has a tendency to lose the steady stixs if you are on the move a bit.

What I don't like about the Kramer Designs Corp. Snipe Pod STX 27: Nothing really. The cost was the only downfall. It was an expensive undertaking to try out a product I was unsure of. That is why I stole my buddy's and tried it out before I went and bought one. Sorry Joe. Don't worry, I got him a brand new one, and kept the one I field tested.

Shooting Accessories Snipe Pod STX 27 quality: Well built. Everything on this is made of lightweight durable material. They have incorporated a nice holster that you can feel confident will keep your investment safe, and even though I have only had it about 4 months, I have used the heck out of it, and it is working well.

Snipe Pod STX 27 summary: Bottom Line is that i believe this is the best product out on the market. You can purchase one SnipePod, and a couple of extra SSU's as well as the adapter for your shotgun like I did. I use it on my 300 Ultra Mag for Elk in rugged country, on my 7x57 for deer, and on my shotgun for Turkey. My cousin and I have been trying long distance shooting at 600 yards with our 300 ultramags(long distance for us) We were having problems reaching out and touching the target at that distance without a good rest off a bench or a rolled up jacket across a log. But with the Snipepods, we are consistantly planting our shots in about a 12 inch goup on paper. Not bad for 600 yards. Rocks the size of coffee cans don't stand a chance either.

Rating for this Kramer Designs Corp. product: 5

Author of this review on Kramer Designs Corp. Shooting Accessories: Unknown Hunter

Date: 2006-07-12

Usefulness Rating: 4.37209 out of 5.
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