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Easton Axis st 340 Arrows

Arrows Manufacturer: Easton
Easton Model: Axis st 340
Review Category: Arrows

Purchase: Arrows I purchased these arrows because I use a Whisker Biscut rest. I had a problem with several deer spooking as I was drawing back (you could hear the arrows slide against the 'biscut'). I tried aluminum, other brands of carbon arrows, I even tried spraying silicon and lightly sandinding arrows with steel wool. Finally the Axis arrows are noticeably more quiet. I paid 90.00 a doz.

Things I like about the Easton Axis st 340 Arrows: These are top notch hunting arrows. I originally purchsed them because they were quiet on the draw back. They incorporate HIT technology, which seems to add to flight accuracy. They are offered in several different stiffnesses so you can choose whats best for your setup. I shoot 70# with a 30.5 draw length and 125 gr broadheads. They are a smaller diameter and still carry sufficient weight. the 340s are at 10.3 grams per inch. I noticed deeper penetration compared to other carbons including Beman.

What I don't like about the Easton Axis st 340: I can't think of any disadvantages.

Arrows Axis st 340 quality: These are tough, reliable arrows. Out of the dozen and a half I purchased, non had noticeable bends as tested on spin tester.

Axis st 340 summary: These are reliable, high quality arrows that are easy to shoot and work well with several types of broadheads. Easliy worth the cost.

Rating for this Easton product: 5

Author of this review on Easton Arrows: fishmeister

Date: 2006-07-24

Usefulness Rating: 3.73239 out of 5.
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