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Summit Treestands Broadhead Backpacker Treestand Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Summit Treestands
Summit Treestands Model: Broadhead Backpacker Treestand
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands After really checking out every bit of information i could find ,along with using practicle experience and advice from friends,concerning price, safety and folding flat.Summits broadhead and Lone Wolfs climber,seemed to be the models of climbers to go after.I checked numerous web sites and stores for the best deal and the summit is by far the least expensive of the two,and they both have a reputation for being excellent stands(safety,durability,ease of use and quiet).I ended up catching a deal on ebay and paid $220 including s/h.

Things I like about the Summit Treestands Broadhead Backpacker Treestand Tree Stands: The description on the web site( do this stand justice,besides from all the corporate hoopla,it sets up easily with just minimal practice and packs well. You will still know your carrying it on your back but the low profile keeps it from clanging around on every branch and stray twig as your going in and out of the woods.As they state you can go to the edges of the stand with confidence(i tried it about a foot off the ground).Everythings attached to the stand ,so no lost parts.

What I don't like about the Summit Treestands Broadhead Backpacker Treestand: I dont have any real complaints but your still carrying 20 lbs on your back along with your gear and i dont hunt close to the car if you know what i mean.A bow holder integrated in the stand would have been nice but i bought an attachable one

Tree Stands Broadhead Backpacker Treestand quality: As far as the construction and quaility i will say its excellent and im pretty picky considering the height and how many hours i use my stand

Broadhead Backpacker Treestand summary: I put alot of time and thought into trying to find the right stand for my hunting(bow,shot gun and muzzel loader) and wanted to find one that was safe,silent,easy to use,comfortable,affordable and wasent a pain to carry in and out. They give you an excellent harness and a video(dvd)to get you going. With a little practice its very quiet and user friendly.If your looking for a veratile stand for bow hunting plus this is an excellent choice, i definetly made the right choice.The bullet has the bar across for gun but its the same stand.

Rating for this Summit Treestands product: 5

Author of this review on Summit Treestands Tree Stands: tex thomp

Date: 2004-01-04

Usefulness Rating: 4.53448 out of 5.
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