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Stealth Cam MC2-GWM Trail Cameras (t-z)

Trail Cameras (t-z) Manufacturer: Stealth Cam
Stealth Cam Model: MC2-GWM
Review Category: Trail Cameras (t-z)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (t-z) Wal-Mart for 69.00

Things I like about the Stealth Cam MC2-GWM Trail Cameras (t-z): The only thing I liked about this camera is that I had enough sense to keep my receipt! Besides that, the easy to read digital screen is easy to check on and the fact that the camera continues to keep count of trail activites (up to 100) does add a good selling point.

What I don't like about the Stealth Cam MC2-GWM: Well to sum it up in one word "crap". You will save money if you bought a 4.99 disposable and duct taped it to a tree, at least you wouldn't waste money on film that won't rewind and when it does, you won't spend money on pictures of nothing except the tree it's facing. The owners of Stealth Cam will be bankrupt with all the returns from Wal-mart. Iknow of 5 other fellow idiots who bought and returned this camera.

Trail Cameras (t-z) MC2-GWM quality: Construction is good but the quality is terrible.

MC2-GWM summary: Do not buy this canera, it's not worth 69.00 much less 6.99.

Rating for this Stealth Cam product: 1

Author of this review on Stealth Cam Trail Cameras (t-z): Kip West

Date: 2004-01-08

Usefulness Rating: 4.05917 out of 5.
169 reader(s) voted.

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