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Bushnell Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision Trail Cameras (a-f)

Trail Cameras (a-f) Manufacturer: Bushnell
Bushnell Model: Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision
Review Category: Trail Cameras (a-f)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (a-f) Purchased at Bass Pro $369

Things I like about the Bushnell Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision Trail Cameras (a-f): When it works, the pictures are interesting and easy to load to a computer.

What I don't like about the Bushnell Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision: First unit did not work, received new unit. New unit setup instructions worthless. Unit does not follow times as set on switches, takes pictures 24/7. Batteries are tough to keep in place. Not durable, two units and between them they lasted 10 months. Difficult to open or close.

Trail Cameras (a-f) Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision quality: Poor, not even water resistant much less water proof. Leaks in a drizzle. Have not had much rain, but when we do this collects more water than the rain gauge. Even when I built a cover to keep the rain from falling directly on the unit, it still leaked. Gasket falls out of unit, had to glue it in place. Finally had to wrap the unit in tape used to repair rain coats to stop the influx of water. Door "hasp" where lock secures door is poorly made and will not hold up under normal use.

Trailscout pro 2.1 Night Vision summary: Bushnell does not reply to questions, will not clarify what the DAY TIME mystery setting in set up means. Does not answer phone, e-mail, or mail correspondence. Cost is hi for poorly designed, built, and undependable unit.

Rating for this Bushnell product: 1

Author of this review on Bushnell Trail Cameras (a-f): James Shelton

Date: 2006-08-07

Usefulness Rating: 3.24186 out of 5.
215 reader(s) voted.

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