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Camtrakker 6.0 Trail Cameras (a-f)

Trail Cameras (a-f) Manufacturer: Camtrakker
Camtrakker Model: 6.0
Review Category: Trail Cameras (a-f)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (a-f) 650.00

Things I like about the Camtrakker 6.0 Trail Cameras (a-f): Not a thing! I hope somebody steals it then I can turn in a claim on my insurance and try another camera!

What I don't like about the Camtrakker 6.0: This camera is no good! For the money it's a huge rip off. It has such a huge delay that it never gets any pictures. All I usually get is a scenery shot or the tail end of game if I am lucky. If I stand in front of it it takes up to 60 seconds to actually take a picture. BIG Waste of money!!! The window fogs easily and it slips below the window and takes pictures of nothing. I walked in and stood in front of the camera for 2 minutes and it never took a picture. I then started to take it off the tree and it fired off. It's like the camera falls asleep and can not wake up.

Trail Cameras (a-f) 6.0 quality: It's heavy with the two huge batteries and the windows fog up!

6.0 summary: Do yourself a favor and skip this expensive piece of junk that looks home made!

Rating for this Camtrakker product: 1

Author of this review on Camtrakker Trail Cameras (a-f): Lynn Haas

Date: 2006-08-11

Usefulness Rating: 3.51333 out of 5.
150 reader(s) voted.

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