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Motorola T5920 Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies Manufacturer: Motorola
Motorola Model: T5920
Review Category: Walkie Talkies

Purchase: Walkie Talkies My employer's bought these from Best Buy last year. We paid approximately $100 for the pair with rechargeable batteries and charging stand.

Things I like about the Motorola T5920 Walkie Talkies: Very well put together radio. Previously we were using some old Cobra radio's that didn't have the power or channels of these. Radios are easy to use even with large gloves on. They also work well over long distances (even though if you're in varied terrain, they don't even come close to the 5 mile range advertised).

What I don't like about the Motorola T5920: The weatherproofness of these radios is not what's claimed. As a surveyor, we're out in every type of weather imaginable, from hot summer days to freezing blizzards. They do not hold up in sustained rain, even drizzle. Keep up a continuous, even slight, rainfall and they cease to work after a few hours. Battery charger is not of the 'smart' variety. If you put them on the charger every day, when they're not fully discharged, battery life will go straight down the drain.

Walkie Talkies T5920 quality: Quality and construction it top notch. With the exceptions stated above, we've thoroughly abused these radios without any problems. After a year of use, the only problems with them is purely cosmetic, that being the symbols have worn of the buttons.

T5920 summary: Very good radio unless you're going to be out in wet weather/climate. Then you may want to look for radio's that are more weather-, or even water-, proof.

Rating for this Motorola product: 4

Author of this review on Motorola Walkie Talkies: Rob Hudson

Date: 2004-01-19

Usefulness Rating: 3.18957 out of 5.
211 reader(s) voted.

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