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Plano 48" Aluminum Gun Case Other

Other Manufacturer: Plano
Plano Model: 48" Aluminum Gun Case
Review Category: Other

Purchase: I bought it at Sportmans Paradise for $130 and some odd change. My kid left my last one out in the rain for a couple of hours last year and I couldn't get the musty odor out so there's no way I would risk my good elk piece going in there.

Things I like about the Plano 48" Aluminum Gun Case: It's a gun case is about all you can say. I'm sure it will do it's job and short of not opening there isn't much that can go wrong.

What I don't like about the Plano 48" Aluminum Gun Case: Read the above.

48" Aluminum Gun Case quality: It appears well built and provided it's not left out the rain I'm sure it'll last for some time. It's not the prettiest one out there, but I guess all that would do is attract sleeze bags to my rifles.

48" Aluminum Gun Case summary: It's a nice little affordable gun case that probably will only leave my property a few times a year.

Rating for this Plano product: 3

Author of this review on Plano Other: J.T.

Date: 2003-08-26

Usefulness Rating: 1.66667 out of 5.
3 reader(s) voted.

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