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Cuddeback Digital Trail Cameras (a-f)

Trail Cameras (a-f) Manufacturer: Cuddeback
Cuddeback Model: Digital
Review Category: Trail Cameras (a-f)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (a-f) I got tired of spending the money on film, so I opted for this setup. Price was a little high at the time. It was purchsed from Cabelas via catalog and listed for $399.99

Things I like about the Cuddeback Digital Trail Cameras (a-f): No film. The idea behind the theft stop system and that my name and phone number are imprinted on each image.

What I don't like about the Cuddeback Digital : I purchased this over 3 years ago. At first it was not functioning properly, and the tiny buttons were sticking. I sent it back to Cuddeback, and they repaired the circuitboard and sent it back 3 weeks later. It worked fine for a while, then it seized and would not work. I sent it back again, and it was fixed w/in 3 wks and agains sent back. I put it out and of it and the buttons were still messed up. I requested a new camera as it was the 3rd time it was sent back. They replaced the lower unit with a rebuilt one and sent me a pair of $.02 tweezers to pull the card out. Never even replaced the broken gears. The battery life was good. Theft stop feature is ok, as long as the lock is not snipped off. Because of the size and placement of the locking tab, you must use a very small lock. This makes it easy to cut off. Once its cut off, its very simple to just remove the SD card. You dont have to steal the entire camera, just the card, so this is a bad feature. The cost is really high at $399.99 from Cabelas, so hopefully they come up w/ a more secure way to lock it onto the tree. Other than that, it took great pictures

Trail Cameras (a-f) Digital quality: Watertight unit made of plastic. Overall very good quality. Flash did not seem to bother the deer as I have pictures of deer licking or eyeballing the lens. Numerous pictures so close, you cannot tell what part of the animal it is, or just ears or eyeballs. Makes for a different picture.

Digital summary: Good camera for the price of a digital. Customer service was helpful on the phone, but could have gone a bit further w/ the repairs. Wish they would change the button system as it was very difficult to use and understand. Better locking system would be great also.

Rating for this Cuddeback product: 4

Author of this review on Cuddeback Trail Cameras (a-f): Sammy 269

Date: 2006-09-20

Usefulness Rating: 3.05263 out of 5.
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