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Parker Buck Buster Three Red Dot package Crossbows

Crossbows Manufacturer: Parker
Parker Model: Buck Buster Three Red Dot package
Review Category: Crossbows

Purchase: Crossbows Bought over the web from HuntersFriend. Paid 280 plus shipping. Bought on a personal recommendation.

Things I like about the Parker Buck Buster Three Red Dot package Crossbows: Using 100 grain, with the three red dot scope shoots real tight groups at 20,30,40 yards. Haven't shot any longer since my stand/field setup is in this range. Nice light weight. Cocking rope works well & an easy pull. Good balance & easy to handle.

What I don't like about the Parker Buck Buster Three Red Dot package: Safety is a hammer style affair that is moved forward to fire. Never saw a weapon that the hammer back is safe. Looks like this bow was designed by an engineer with zero knowledge of weapons.

Crossbows Buck Buster Three Red Dot package quality: Fair, Workmanship not the greatest in my opinion. Mounting holes did not line up with the stock, tapped holes in bow needed to be retapped to clean out burrs, burrs on all machined edges. In short, had to use my machinist skills to get this bow assembled. Package included four bolts which were laying loose in the box. Three had field tips (loosely installed) and one field tip laying in the box. Wrong allen wrenches for assembly. Had to use my own. Quiver laying loose in package. User manual not much help, seems generic for all their bows. No documentation whatsoever for the scope.

Buck Buster Three Red Dot package summary: After all the hassles of setup, poor packaging and crap documentation, I gotta say it shoots great & I like it. Don't know if the packaging was from the factory or if this bow was a return but I made it work and that's the bottom line. If I had it to do over again, I would probably not buy a hunting item like this over the web. As far as sending it back, I was running against time for deer season.

Rating for this Parker product: 3

Author of this review on Parker Crossbows: CrossbowNewbie

Date: 2006-09-24

Usefulness Rating: 3.52163 out of 5.
393 reader(s) voted.

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