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Trail Cameras (a-f) Manufacturer: CUDDEBACK
Review Category: Trail Cameras (a-f)

Purchase: Trail Cameras (a-f) I bought this unit for 450 dollars. I bought it because of "NO FLASH" Day and night capabilities and DIGITAL MEDIA.

Things I like about the CUDDEBACK DIGITAL "NO-FLASH" Trail Cameras (a-f): 1) The advertising on TV 2) The company NON-Typical Inc is in Wisconsin 3) Simple screw into tree no cables or locks 3) NO FLASH

What I don't like about the CUDDEBACK DIGITAL "NO-FLASH": 1) The product didn't work out of the box 2) Several night photos were OK but no day photos. All day triggered immages were completely white. 3) Its battery securing plate makes getting batteries out difficult. 4) It takes a long time to load images to compact flash card 5) No normal sized lock fits through the holes provided 6) Tryed calling service number all day for two days alway busy or message says call back later 7) No confirmation they recieved my returned camera for repair

Trail Cameras (a-f) DIGITAL "NO-FLASH" quality: 1) Looks goods ....but it don't WORK brand new out of the box. I AM STEAMED!

DIGITAL "NO-FLASH" summary: I will post here how this all turns out and give NON-TYPICAL Inc to make it right. I tryed all day a again today to call them at 715-762-2260. Try this number before you buy if they are that busy there must be something severely wrong!

Rating for this CUDDEBACK product: 1

Author of this review on CUDDEBACK Trail Cameras (a-f): MAD AS HECK CHEDDERHEAD

Date: 2006-09-29

Usefulness Rating: 3.29752 out of 5.
242 reader(s) voted.

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