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Trail Cameras|Scouting A-F Manufacturer: ALL ABOUT GAME MOTION CAMERA
Review Category: Trail Cameras|Scouting A-F

Purchase: Trail Cameras|Scouting A-F I Purchased this camera last year on Sportsman Guide. It was a special price for a digital motion camera. I believe around $70.00

Things I like about the ALL ABOUT GAME MOTION CAMERA AAGH850 Trail Cameras|Scouting A-F: The camera takes pretty good photos and can be downloaded in your home computer.

What I don't like about the ALL ABOUT GAME MOTION CAMERA AAGH850: Don't make the 1st mistake of ever turning this camera off. Even when you transport it. Once turned off ALL photos are lost. It takes photos of all movement. So don't place it where any twigs or branches can wave in front of it. Now think about that. Where are those places. Maybe a beach. Or in a enclosed area. But not very many places where you want to take photos of deer! Downloading can also be difficult and once downloaded you can't seem to get the photos to repeat if you make a mistake downloading to save the first time.

Trail Cameras|Scouting A-F AAGH850 quality: Construction is made in China with black plastic. It also comes with a belt for attaching to big trees. I usually had to wrap it around smaller trees. It takes a lot of AA size batteries. I believe 8 to 10.

AAGH850 summary: Bottom line here - You get what you pay for. I got home with what I though were 54 photos of deer, only to find the same woods scene or field scene captured during different times of the day. That is when the wind blows - here's your picture. I did manage to get one photo of a deer in my third use of this camera. It was at night with the aided flash. But the image was too distorted to tell if it was a buck or doe. My computer no longer can reconigze the camera.

Rating for this ALL ABOUT GAME MOTION CAMERA product: 1

Author of this review on ALL ABOUT GAME MOTION CAMERA Trail Cameras|Scouting A-F: Hal Ford

Date: 2006-10-04

Usefulness Rating: 4.6 out of 5.
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