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Tree Lounge Gun Hunter Special Tree Stands

Tree Stands Manufacturer: Tree Lounge
Tree Lounge Model: Gun Hunter Special
Review Category: Tree Stands

Purchase: Tree Stands I made purchase online direct with tree lounge. The price was $319.00 The stand came with the bow hunter adapter,gun holder, and chill pad, all for $319.00 I also purchased the bow holder $19.00, and the carry belt $24.00 as accessories also. Stand was delivered in 4 days.

Things I like about the Tree Lounge Gun Hunter Special Tree Stands: This stand is by far the best stand I've ever owned. With this stand you can decide how long you want to stay in the woods. It is so comfortable and relaxing to hunt from, as well as very easy to climb with, and does not make any noise when you stand up to shoot a bow. This stand compacts very nicely for backpacking, and carry's much better than a lot of climber's that weigh less. Set up on the tree is not a big deal. I can be up the tree in 10 mins.

What I don't like about the Tree Lounge Gun Hunter Special: So far I haven't found anything I don't like about this stand. It's easy to set up, easy to climb with, very comfortable, rock solid on the tree, carry's good, etc; How ever you do run the risk of getting so comfortable you might fall asleep. I guess the only downside is the stands weight. I'm 5"7" and weigh 145 and for me I'll carry a few extra pounds for all the advantages this stand has over others.

Tree Stands Gun Hunter Special quality: Rock solid all welded aluminum. Stand telescopes rather than folds. This to me makes set up very simple. No pin's or bolt's to lose. Can't be assembled wrong. All tubeing is really beefy, and stought looking, which is very comforting when you're 30 feet up. Other than accessorie you may add on stand is ready to hunt when it comes out of the box. Powder coat painted, and fully assembled.

Gun Hunter Special summary: I've been hunting from stands for 25 years, and along the way I have used ladder type,hang on type, as well as several different climbers. Each type has advantages, as well as disadvantages, and with each there is some type of trade-off, rather it is weight, mobility, comfort, safty, easy to use, Etc: With the Tree Lounge I have the most advantages, with only 1 trade-off. Very well plesed with this stand. Don't care to hunt from any other stand after useing a Tree Lounge. Editor's Note: This review sounds suspicous to me especially since they didn't leave an e-mail address for me to contact them. I'll let you decide who left the review.

Rating for this Tree Lounge product: 5

Author of this review on Tree Lounge Tree Stands: N.C.deerhunter

Date: 2006-10-19

Usefulness Rating: 5 out of 5.
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